movePrimary 發生 clone failed , 怎麼解?

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    when I try move database to another shard : 

    command :  

         db.runCommand( { movePrimary: "Knowledgedb", to: "shard4" });

    error log :  

       2017-02-14T13:57:41.112+0800 I SHARDING [conn38050] about to log metadata event into changelog: { _id:
    "mongos28-2017-02-14T13:57:41.112+0800-58a29c5566bc605d4d0beff7", server: "mongos28", clientAddr: "localhost:55838", time: new Date(1487051861112), what: "movePrimary.start", ns: "Knowledgedb", details: { database: "Knowledgedb", from: "shard2:shard2/...", to: "shard4
    :shard4/...", shardedCollections: [] } }
    2017-02-14T13:57:41.242+0800 I COMMAND  [conn38050] clone failed{ clonedColls: [], ok: 0.0, errmsg: "a
    collection 'Knowledgedb.dummy_collection' already exists", code: 48, codeName: "NamespaceExists" }

    how to solve?


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    日志中出现错误:'Knowledgedb.dummy_collection' already exists", code: 48, codeName: "NamespaceExists" 



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